Today’s Workshop 11/03/2016

Today in the workshop we discussed how to make your blog as Network Literate as possible. Network literacy is not about being a adept programmer or master of social networking. Network literacy is a more practical approach, creating content, sharing content, engaging in other users blogs and generating discussion. It’s also about knowing how to correctly display and share your blog efficently to reach your desired audience.

What are some ways you can demonstrate network literacy on ur blog?

  1. Correctly tagging and categorising posts
  2. Correctly hyperlinking to other websites and citations
  3. Reading other blogs and linking or mentioning them in your blog
  4. Incorporating a rss feed on your page with relevant news sources
  5. Commenting on other blogs as well as responding to your blogs comments to invoke discussion
  6. Posting different forms of media, video, pictures as well as text posts.

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