The Whale Hunt – Workshop 1/04/2016

Today I spent some time looking at the interactive online work The Whale Hunt. It’s a great example of a Hypertext. It’s essentially a team of documentarians that have chosen to record their trip whale hunting with Inuits in Alaska via the form of photo media. But the main focus of the project was how to display this media (3000+ photos) in an interactive and engaging form. The photos were displayed in a timeline of the date and time they were taken. But it also allowed the user to display the photos by the frequency of the photos taken in a time period. Much like a heart beat monitor that shows the increase of photos taken over a period of time. Another important feature was the detailed tagging and catergorising of the photos. Allowing the user to sort photos by team member, where the photo was taken as well as what is featured in the photo. It also worked as a website to learn about the different team members  and had links to all there individual blogs and backgrounds.

I enjoyed looking at this different take on interactive documentation.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 9.30.30 AM
Example of the timeline they created for the project.

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