Assessment Task 1: Blogging

As a person, writing has never really been something that has excited me a great deal. But upon starting this course and having to start a blog, I have been really prompted to start giving it a try. The tools and perspectives I have already been given over the past few weeks has changed my view on blogs entirely. Through looking at web content and media as a series of hypertext, all interlinked. Giving an entirely new and still experimental way to display information and tell a story. To the use of creative commons as a platform to share work and collaborate with other people through online communities. These are just a few examples of ways blogging has got me excited as a writer.

Before the course I had a very plain outlook on what blogging was. I assumed it was mostly just a text posts put online mostly about political and social issues. But through viewing blogs as a hypertext or a form of online story telling my perspective quickly changed. The most obvious example to me was a hypertext I viewed in a workshop called The Whale Hunt. “First, to experiment with a new interface for human storytelling. The photographs are presented in a framework that tells the moment-to-moment story of the whale hunt. The full sequence of images is represented as a medical heartbeat graph along the bottom edge of the screen, its magnitude at each point indicating the photographic frequency (and thus the level of excitement) at that moment in time.” (Harris, 2007) Johnathan Harris decided he wanted to display his journey of whale hunting via the photos he and the crew took on the journey. But it is the way he chose to display and share the documented images which is great. With an innovative system that allows you to visually see frequency of photos being taken on a linear time scale. Like a heart rate monitor. But also allowing users to sort photos by metadata/tagging to construct their own concept of the story. With tags that allow you to sort by location, crew member, time of day and many more. To me this is a great example of a hypertext. Which excites me greatly as a writer.

When comparing The Whale Hunt to my own blog I can see how I am slowly forming my own hypertext with my blog. Through this post ( I have given a brief introduction to my new gaming YouTube channel. I’ve embedded the playlist of videos into the post for interactivity. As well as tagged and categorized it for easy access on the blog. Which is important for people searching for particular aspects within a hypertext. Each post about Video game content on my blog I further my story as a content producer and the overall hypertext.

The content protection medium known as Creative Commons is a form of protection almost exclusively used for the internet. Because it allows the user to set his/her license to the amount of freedom you want to give people to use your work. “Creative Commons is a non-profit organisation that offers a flexible range of licences for creators wanting to allow others to use their work in certain ways. Often a copyright owner will reserve all their rights, but a Creative Commons licence allows the creator to relinquish some rights and reserve others.” (Arts law: Information sheet: Legal issues for Bloggers, 2016). This excites me greatly as a writer, as it gives me the opportunity to not only let people take my work and adapt/share it in their own way. But also if their license allows adapt and use other people’s work in my own way or style. I think it is a great way to increase this sense of Intertextuality that exists in hypertext media.

Through a new understanding of hypertext content and the way it tells a story. As well as learning the use of Creative Commons as a way to share content with other users in online communities. Overall I have gained a much deeper understanding of blogging as a whole and it has given me new-found excitement as a writer.



Harris, J. (2007) The whale hunt / by Jonathan Harris / statement. Available at: (Accessed: 7 April 2016).

Arts law: Information sheet: Legal issues for Bloggers (2016) Available at: (Accessed: 7 April 2016).


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