Today’s Workshop 08/04/2016

Today in the workshop I found an interesting video game that relates to the subject. This website is called it’s a race against time to get from one unrelated wikipedia article to another. It makes use of the millions of hyperlinks between articles on the HyperText known as Wikipedia. It’s a great example of what Landow suggests his students “fall in through the living-room ceiling rather than entering through the front door.”

I also looked into a few video game industry websites that interested me. Such websites included which had the results of the latest BAFTA game awards. All the games that won had hyperlinks to there respective reviews, giving me a better insight into why perhaps they won the award. As well as options to share the post on Facebook, twitter and reddit.

We also discussed in the workshop today the follow points in a group discussion. (These were my personal answers):

Can you think of some examples examples of this in your own experience of reading stories online?  

.Facebook post, reading some one having a big argument and you have no idea why it started.

How do you navigate once you’re ‘in the living room’ straight away?

.Look up similar work to maybe provide context

.Try to find hyperlinks and information off the website to guide you


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