Workshop 15/04/2016

Today we discussed different media theories, I had a look at Technological determinism.

  • What you think the term means

Technological Determinism state that media technology shapes how we as individuals in a society think, feel, act, and how are society operates as we move from one technological age to another (Tribal- Literate- Print- Electronic).

  • Who are some people (if any) who relate to this (theorists etc)

-Thorstein Veblen

-Karl Marx

-Marshall McLuhan

-Raymond Williams

-Clarence Ayres

  • Think of an example that helps demonstrate this

Cell phones. Twenty years ago there were none; today they’re everywhere. We’ve witnessed a few ways that they are influencing our evolution.

First, they’ve made the world much smaller, by making it possible for people to connect just about anywhere, anytime. This connectivity has enhanced the homogenising effects of economic globalisation, while also making it easy for governments and corporations to track our movements; conversely, they have made it possible for whistleblowers and revolutionaries to get their messages out while cultural change is occurring, while increasing the speed of that change.


I also had a look at a few different video game communities that interested me. Here’s my top5 list: – Video game stores and gaming community – Subreddit for anything gaming related. – Australian and international gaming news and forum community. – Counter-strike international news site. – Local counter-strike competitive scene and community.



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