Workshop 22/04/2016

In todays workshop I took a look into some of the communities I regularly browse but don’t necessiraly contribute to. This community I chose to focus on was I honed my focus more specifically to the discussion forums of the website. Each game has it’s own respective forum. I posted two comments in seperate posts in the Counter-strike: Global offensive section of the discussion forums. Both the threads were focused on the issue of “Smurfing” in the competitive CS:GO environment. Which is players of particularly high skill in the community, buying lower-ranked accounts and competing against lower-skilled players for an easy win and some fun. I offered my opinion on the subject and replied to different users in the threads. I’ll subscribe to the threads and wait  to see if I get a response.

When selecting this website I made my choice on the values that make a community discussed in the lecture this week. “Central unifying values, participation within a conversation and a sense of shared experience.”


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